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I am open to requests in assisting clients with their creative endeavors.     Please contact me with any questions.


Numeric Jobs – Online Marketing and Analytics Recruiting



Previous Projects Have Included:

  • Social Media Campaign Design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization Projects, short and long term
  • Web Page Design/Maintenance
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Email and Content Copywriting
  • Website Traffic Analysis

I am particularly interested in working with small to medium sized business clients:

  • Looking for more creativity with online/offline marketing campaigns
  • Better trying to understand the realm of internet advertising
  • Attempting to optimize their website for search engines
  • Attempting to train new or intermediate sales staff on networking and interpersonal skills.
  • To find innovative and creative ways to reach their product audience

When the need arises for larger projects, I have access to some of the best marketing minds in the business.

Some Recommendations of my work:

sam diener reccomendation 1

sam diener recommendation 2

sam diener recommendation 3

Sam Diener Recommendation 4

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