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Stuff For Success was originally started in 2009 to help me find a job.   As I navigated what I like to call “job search 2.0,” I found myself reading repetitive advice that lacked creativity and flair.  So I decided to try my hand at spicing things up a little.

In an attempt to examine familiar but interesting topics, I began by writing about my past experiences in the realm of business and social skills and other topics that I thought might help both job searchers and entrepreneurs.

Within a week of getting started, it became apparent that building my website and personal brand was truly a venture into entrepreneurship.   This realization guided me as I grew a large and loyal “customer base”  of over 60,000 readers in my first six months.

The site and its scope began to take on a life of its own as I continued to address the questions of a rapidly expanding audience.   The “Stuff For Success” brand has become not only a site for the individual looking for generic business and social skills advice, but a hub for those in the business community attempting to address the ever growing need to reach into the “social space” of their customers.

Stuff For Success has given me many of the same business and marketing challenges that are facing businesses of all sizes in today’s changing business environment.  This site’s success has been a direct result of continually bringing passion and innovation to these challenges.  As the brand continues to grow, I remain committed to bringing fresh perspectives to you, whether you are an anonymous website visitor or a new consulting client.

To your success…

Sam Diener


So a little about me.  Sam Diener I am Sam Diener. I have an amazing family and very supportive friends. I have a beat up old car, and a fairly nice apartment in Philadelphia. I enjoy a good dinner, wine, and conversation. I like everything musical and artistic,especially photography. I love the endorphin rush I get after a work out. I love to read, travel, volunteer, and explore new things. You could even call me somewhat of an adrenalin junkie also, as I am a licensed firefighter/paramedic and PDIC certified scuba diver.   I will soon be attempting to learn to snowboard, skydive, and taking flying lessons.

My professional interests include sales and marketing, negotiation, customer service, leadership, finance, medicine, information technology and security, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and inventing in the areas of these interests.

Be sure to check back as I update frequently. I look forward to any comments you have. If you would like to contact me personally, you can reach me using the “contact” button above.

And now….. check out editor Kellie Bowers in the editor’s corner.

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