A little perspective from a fellow blogger….

by Sam Diener on May 11, 2010

Hey all.

You haven’t seen me recently.  No worries though – I am doing well, and quite happy.  Overwhelmingly busy!   I am building up life lessons to write about, and believe me, I have plenty of material.  When I do have time to put something new up (I WILL make time for a new post over the next few weeks), well, you will find it here.

In any case,  I came across an amazing post that kind of gives some inspiration to all of the generation Y’s that are stuck trying to figure it all out NOW.   I thought I would share it.

If you have a few minutes, and need a quick “pick me up,” check out The Struggle to Find Your Place.

And I’ll be with you all again soon!

Best Wishes,

Sam Diener


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